20 Oct

Coverage? – What’s included on each’s carriers layer?

Coverage? displays layers for each carrier. We’ve selected colors for each carrier that best matches their branding, and the darker the color indicates faster/newer coverage. You bring up a legend in the app’s info screen (top left hand corner).

Also, each carrier has diverged a bit in the coverage types they offer and present.

Here is how each carrier’s coverage types are displayed within the app:

  • Verizon – Displayed in shades of Red. Offers 5G NW, mmW, LTE, 3G and roaming. ‘Extended LTE’ is shown as a duller red in the LTE layer.
  • AT&T – Displayed in shades of Blue. Offers 5G, mmW, LTE (including HSPA+), 3G and Roaming coverage.
  • Sprint – Displayed in shades of yellow. Offers LTE, 3G and Roaming coverage.  Extended LTE Roaming (which Sprint includes with no limitations) is displayed as a lighter yellow on the LTE layer.
  • T-Mobile – Displayed in shades of pink/purple. Offers 5G NW, mmW, LTE, 3G and Roaming coverage. Extended LTE is included in a darker purple layer on the LTE layer.
  • US Cellular (new in April 2020!) – Displayed in shades of orange, it includes their native 5G NW, LTE and roaming coverage.
  • Bell, Rogers & Telus (Canadian Carriers) – These optional carriers available by in-app purchase display the LTE coverage map for each. Purchasing this option is a one-time lifetime access to the Canadian carrier maps.

Future Changes:

  • While the paperwork was signed for the Sprint / T-Mobile merger in April 2020, they are still operating as two different companies with Sprint coverage increasing as they turn on roaming onto T-Mobile’s network. Once the two are operating under the same coverage map, Coverage? will reflect that too.
  • As the carriers retire their 3G networks, they will be removed from the app.
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