20 Oct

Coverage? – What’s included on each’s carriers layer?

Coverage? displays layers for each carrier. We’ve selected colors for each carrier that best matches their branding, and the darker the color indicates faster/newer coverage.

Also, each carrier has diverged a bit in the coverage types they offer and present.

Here is how each carrier’s coverage types are displayed within the app:

  • Verizon – Displayed in shades of Red. Offers LTE, 3G, 2G and roaming.  Since Verizon does not treat its extended LTE roaming areas differently, they are also included in the regular layers. All Verizon coverage is displayed in shades of Red. ‘Extended LTE’ is shown as a duller red in the LTE layer.
  • AT&T – Displayed in shades of Blue. Offers LTE, HSPA+, 3G, 2G and Roaming coverage. We indicate AT&T’s HSPA+ coverage areas on the ‘4G’ layer – as AT&T markets this coverage as 4G. AT&T also has advanced LTE coverage that they display as 5Ge on devices – we don’t distinguish this within the app.
  • Sprint – Displayed in shades of yellow. Offers LTE, 3G, 2G and Roaming coverage. LTE-A is displayed as a darker layer on the LTE layer, and Extended LTE Roaming (which Sprint includes with no limitations) is displayed as a lighter yellow on the LTE layer.
  • T-Mobile – Displayed in shades of pink/purple. Offers LTE, 4G/3G/2G (all in one layer, as T-Mobile no longer makes a distinction) and Roaming coverage.
  • US Cellular (new in April 2020!) – Displayed in shades of orange, it includes their native LTE coverage and roaming coverage.
  • Bell, Rogers & Telus (Canadian Carriers) – These optional carriers available by in-app purchase display the LTE coverage map for each. Purchasing this option is a one-time lifetime access to the Canadian carrier maps.

Future Changes:

  • Now that AT&T is the last remaining carrier that shows 4G and LTE coverage – we will likely be merging those layers in a future release.
  • Some carriers are in process of retiring their 2G & 3G networks, so we’re watching for when the right time is to remove and/or merge those layers.
  • While the paperwork was signed for the Sprint / T-Mobile merger in April 2020, they are still operating as two different companies with Sprint coverage increasing as they turn on roaming onto T-Mobile’s network. Once the two are operating under the same coverage map, Coverage? will reflect that too.
  • Each carrier has their unique pathway to rolling out 5G, and not all are yet displaying 5G coverage maps in a way our mapping partner can access them. Once they do, we should be able to include 5G maps into Coverage?.
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